Why it’s good to have a friend who is a motorcycle trader

Why it's good to have a friend who is a motorcycle trader

The past few months have been a very strange experience for most of us. Living in lockdown is something that is hard to describe unless you have actually experienced it yourself. So as many of you may have experienced, we had also been cooped up at home for the past few months due to the corona virus outbreak where I live. I haven’t gone to work and have been working from home for this entire time. During this period I have barely gone outside other than for essential purposes like shopping or walking my dog.

But I absolutely love traveling and going into the wild and it has been particularly difficult for me not to be able to travel at all. So finally a few days ago, my friend and I decided to go for a short day trip to finally get out of the city. My friend is a motorcycle trader. The great thing about having a friend who trades motorcycles is that whenever we go on day trips he brings us each a new motorcycle model to ride.

Why would motorcycle traders ask people to ride their motorcycles?

But you’re probably wondering why my friend would allow me to ride a new motorcycle. Actually contrary to what you may be thinking, not only does he not see this as doing me a favor, but he is actually happy that I do this. The reason is usually before he thinks of buying motorcycles for export, he wants to make sure that they are something that not only he approves of, but something that will create high demand among his customers. So he always makes sure that his motorcycles are given a test ride first, before he orders them in large numbers

A win-win for both of us!

Of course my friend tests his motorcycles himself as well. But that’s not enough. Generally when you are testing something out, there are many angles that you may not notice. So it’s important for him to get a second and even third opinion before investing large sums of money to make sure there isn’t anything he has missed. He knows that I am a motorcycle enthusiast, he trusts my critiques and taste in motorcycles, and I also fit the profile of his target customers. So this way I get to try out new motorcycles for free, and he gets his motorcycles tested for free, and above all we both enjoy a great day of riding together.

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