Foam compositions of the current invention, for which the solvent features a potent solvent, increase the degrees of the energetic agent in solution and thus, present high delivery and improved therapy.

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It’s preferable that the compositions comprise from about 0.1% to about 20%, more ideally from about 2% to about 7%, and nonetheless extra preferably from about 3% to about 6% of the composition, of dihydroxyacetone, or another compound, know in the artwork as an artificial tanning energetic agent.

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In the context of the present invention, an oleaginous foam is a composition comprising at least one solvent chosen from a hydrophobic solvent, a co-solvent, an emollient and mixtures thereof in the steady part of the composition and is characterised by an oily feeling upon utility to a body floor.

In keeping with one embodiment the oleaginous foam composition of the current invention includes a minimum of one solvent that is a hydrophobic solvent selected from mineral oil, a triglyceride oil, an ester of a fatty acid, an ester of a dicarboxylic acid, silicone oil, a polyunsaturated oil, an unsaturated oil and a necessary oil.

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In one or more embodiments, the oleaginous composition of the current invention features a hydrophobic solvent having solubility in distilled water at ambient temperature of less than about one gram per 100 ml. The hydrophobic solvent may be a mineral oil, MCT oil, triglyceride oil, silicone oil, a polyunsaturated oil, an unsaturated oil and an essential oil, and mixtures thereof.


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