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The mix of oil, having refatting, protective and moisture-retaining properties, in a spreadable foam form, can be utilized to substitute at present used cosmetic skin care lotions, lotions, gels, and so forth.

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1. A foamable composition, comprising a carrier comprising: wherein when blended with a propellant in a canister, the composition is launched as a breakable foam which collapses on application of shear power, and the breakable foam doesn’t readily collapse at 37° C.

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In one or more embodiments, the invention provides a method of treatment of a disorder of the skin, mucosal membrane, ear channel, vaginal, rectal and penile urethra issues, comprising topical utility of the foam composition of the present invention, whereby one or more energetic agents, in a therapeutically effective focus to the stricken space.

A feature of fatty alcohols and fatty acids related to their use in the foamable compositions based on a number of embodiments of the current invention is related to their therapeutic properties per se. Long chain saturated and mono unsaturated fatty alcohols, e.g., stearyl alcohol, erycyl alcohol, arachidyl alcohol and docosanol have been reported to possess antiviral, anti infective, anti-proliferative and anti inflammatory properties (U.S. Pat.

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The present invention supplies stable, oleaginous foam-forming compositions including at the least one active agent for dermal and mucosal supply. According to the following non-limiting example the composition comprises about 80% to about ninety seven.5% PEG four hundred, about 1% to about 5% of a minimum of one surface lively agent having HLB between 2 and 9 and zero.5% gelling agent, prior to the addition of a propellant (about 10% of the full composition).


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