3 Things Everyone Knows About Truck Pull Out Storage That You Don’T

3 Things Everyone Knows About Truck Pull Out Storage That You Don’T


Installing Truck bed storage drawers on your truck is an innovative idea for increasing the storage capacity of your truck. These drawers can make your life easy when storing tools and other excess equipment. Moreover, adding the truck pull-out storage racks on the truck increases the truck’s security as well.

truck pull out storage system can be of high use when traveling over long distances and for a longer duration of time. While traveling over longer durations, you can keep your stuff in these racks, which otherwise you had to keep in the cabin. Truck pull out storage racks are the best addition for increasing the storage capacity of your vehicle because even after putting things in these racks, the items are easily accessible.

Truck pull out storage racks have become famous in recent times, and that’s why companies are coming with different designs suitable for different fields. Few of the truck racks are specifically designed for contractors, while some are designed to live up to the needs of overlanders.

In this article, we will mention the advantages of installing a slide rack on your vehicle and different types of slide racks.

Why installing a slide rack can be beneficial for you?

The installation of a truck bed rack depends on how you are going to use your vehicle. These racks are generally fitted on the top of the floor bed, making them hostile to different conditions such as load and weather conditions, etc. Some of the advantages of installing storage racks on your vehicle are.

  • A sealed organized space

  • Easy access to everyday items

  • The chances of articles being lost are very low

  • Increase the space in your truck bed

  • The space can be used for multiple purposes, such as storing camping stuff.

  • Reduces the load and unload time of your truck

Different types of Truck Racks are available in the market.

As said earlier, the truck pull out storage racks have gained popularity recently. This has certainly led to the introduction of different rack systems. Out of all the rack systems available, we will mention some of the rack systems in the coming few paragraphs.

  1. Slide-in Truck Bed Drawers

Slide-in storage racks give you an organized truck bed storage and a truck bed platform in a single package. The slide truck pull out storage racks are not of universal size. They are designed according to the needs of the customer and the dimensions of the vehicle on which it needs to be installed.

This drawer system is similar to the draw system installed in the modular kitchen. However, the only difference here is that the drawers are heavy-duty and can carry extreme loads.

  1. Mobile Truck Bed Organizer racks

These racks are not contoured according to the dimensions of the vehicle. They rather come in rectangular and square shapes, and they fit on the truck bed lengths. Hence they need to be anchored on the floor bed. The racks are anchored on the floor using D-ring anchor points, which are present on the truck’s corners.

Most mobile truck pull out rack is constructed using metals or aluminum. The primary reason behind the use of aluminum is that it is light in weight. Moreover, these metals are highly abrasive. Thus, a person can keep even the heaviest of equipment without the fear of damaging the storage rack.

Moreover, these racks are detachable, which gives them a huge advantage over the decked drawers. Thus if a person wishes to transfer a load of bigger length and width, they can easily do it by removing the storage rack from the truck and utilizing the empty space created to put the equipment.

  1. Under the bed, closet-style truck racks

This truck pull out storage rack is not as durable as the two alternatives mentioned above. However, these racks are highly affordable and can easily be used for storage purposes. Moreover, these racks are easily available in different supermarkets such as Walmart.

These racks are extremely lightweight, and they don’t lock space on your truck. Thus after using these racks, one can easily remove them. Moreover, since they are not fixed on the truck body, a person can easily move them according to their needs.


This article gives a brief idea about the storage racks, the advantages of installing a storage rack on a vehicle, and the different kinds of storage rack systems available in the market.

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